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Zenobia Grant – Doctor, daughter, lover, warrior. And not quite human.

Zen has been trained from birth to defend herself against a terrible threat. And to be careful to not injure the fragile humans that surround her. She uses her skills to heal, not harm, and to keep the questions that haunt her at bay.

Zen doesn’t know what she really is or what happened to her mother. But the answers will put her in the crosshairs of some of the most powerful and malevolent beings in existence. Djinn, dhampyrs, and vampires all stalk Zen for their own reasons.

Visions inspired by an ancient book lead her to discoveries. Not only of who and what she is, but it identifies the creatures who attack her and her family. What it doesn’t tell her is how to defeat them before any more loved ones are destroyed.

Set against the rich tapestries of the ancient world and present day, Progenie is an epic journey of self-discovery, love, and betrayal.



So This Happened...


I am excited to announce that I have signed Inklings Publishing to publish my Historical Romance, Daughter of Hades. I look forwards to becoming aContinue

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Daughter of Hades

The Historical Romance I am finishing up now has a working title: Daughter of Hades.  It is the first installment of the Love & Peace series. The following is the blurb. Dinny Obosi fled the brutality of her captivity. Destiny delivered her into the arms of a cut-throat pirate who would give of his entire being …

3 Reasons Critique Groups Rock

Previous Next Okay. There are more than three reasons for writers to take advantage of a critique group.  However, knowing my propensity for writing epics,  I thought I might present this topic in digestible pieces. 1. A safe space for honest constructive feedback. Like most writers starting out, I sought the opinion of those closest …

Shout Out to Sandra West

Ok. Full disclosure: Sandra is my mother-in-law. But she is an awesome fan. She reads my books and writes reviews and shows up at my events. I know we have different views on a lot of things but she approaches my work with an open heart and an open mind and offers encouragement.  If it …

Review of Progenie


Against the far wall of the gallery, a golden easel cradled a brazen display of a single over-sized portrait. Chaz faltered toward it and look upon the dark and ferine woman who stood topless. Her hair, wild and bushy and dark as night, tumbled down past bronze-hued shoulders in coarse ringlets. Sable eyes shimmered like pitch dusted with glitter, looking askance at him with a carnivorous gleam. Her full, dark lips parted in a half smile. Chaz saw there an element of a predator half hidden.  Read more…