In Revision

Daughter of Hades has been picked up by Inklings Publishing and has gone through its first round of edits. Fingers crossed. 

It focuses on Jamaica in the years prior to the British invasion of 1655.  Geraldine Obosi, a house slave, who has suffered inhumane conditions and degradations all of her life, escapes captivity and finds herself in the charge of Zhu Lei Xiang, a man exiled from his country who is a bloody cut-throat pirate. When Lei and Geraldine find each other, they uncover within themselves tender humanity they never knew could exist.

A mix of several genres, the Daughter of Hades contains elements of historical fiction, romance, adventure, and fantasy. It tells a story of passion and history and unassailable love combined with swashbuckling pirates and heroic maroons who refuse to live by society’s rules.

House slave, Geraldine Obosi( Dinny) escapes the brutality of slavery on the St. Dismas Plantation in Barbados. The dashing pirate Zhu Lei Xiang aids in her escape, whisking Dinny away on his pirate ship to Jamaica.  He is a man, exiled, a pirate whose uncommon tenderness gives Dinny succor as she finds the strength and the courage to live a new life, apart from the only life she has ever known… of abuse.  Can they find happiness together?