Book Signing: "Progenie" and "Quantum Marlowe"

I am so excited to finally share my hard work, my art. Murder by the Book is hosting the release of my debut novel Progenie.

Critics have deemed Progenie a” powerful opening in the Scions of Darkness series by Mack Little, a compelling urban fantasy with an unforgettable protagonist.”

Glenn Lazar Roberts will also be signing his new release "Quantum Marlowe". Glenn is Is an international attorney and writer of sci-fi, horror, satire, and adventure fantasy novels. Glenn has taught college, professionally translated Arabic and Russian. Roberts has edited the work of other aspiring writers and hosts a
writing critique circle. He lives in Houston with his wife and kids.

Get your signed copy, meet the author, and share in the celebration.

If you want a signed copy but you can’t make it to the event.
Give Murder by the Book a call, stop in, or order online and we’ll get a book signed or personalized for you. We can even ship it.
The Basis of Progenie’s Djinn and Scions and Dhampyrs
The Djinn Dark matter comprises 96% of the universe. The rest is baryonic matter or normal matter, the stuff we …

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Wine Women & Writing Radio
Join Pamela Fagan Hutchins on Wine Women & Writing as she welcomes Mack Little, author of PROGENIE, an urban fantasy-horror novel. Pamela's review: "Past melds with present and fantasy with reality in PROGENIE, a richly imagined debut fantasy horror novel by Mack Little. With prose gritty at times, lyrical at others, and vivid, unique characters, PROGENIE will appeal to fans of Anne Rice and Cormac McCarthy alike." You can view or listen live (Facebook live link will appear around 10 am on April 2nd) or later (link will be posted in this event and elsewhere after the show).ge

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Shout Out!
Thank you Stephanie!
Cheers to Stephanie Kine.  I wanted to say thank you to  my reading friend. Stephanie took time out  to review "Progenie".  As a first time novelist, I can't tell you…
Inspiration In Scotland
Earlier this month, I and my friend Fern went to the Scotland Highlands. It was part writer's retreat and part getting to know this lovely area and taking in it's…
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